Developer's Guide
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The SKC Secure KMIP Client Toolkit


This guide contains all the infromation you need to get started with the SKC C++ KMIP Client Toolkit. It outlines the steps needed to incorporate, build and deploy the client with your application. It provides an overview, working examples of using the client, and a detailed API reference for the client's various interfaces.

Getting Help

There are many ways to get help using SKC.

  • Check the documentation (you're already here)
  • Look for an example. There are many examples already in the examples directory of your SKC installation.
  • Search our Knowledgebase
  • Submit a support request

Getting Started

The following sections will get you started with the basics of SKC. This is just some introductory stuff to get you going quickly. Once you understand how to build the examples and load and deploy SKC, you will be ready to move on the KMIP Reference Guide and HPE Atalla NSP PKCS 11 Reference Guide which documents the component interfaces and provides SKC specific examples.

  1. SKC Directory Structure
  2. Building The Examples
  3. Building Your Application With SKC
  4. Loading Components
  5. Deploying SKC
  6. SKC Redistributibles

Reference Guides


Examples are the easiest way to learn how to use our toolkit. Below are several examples that should get you started. All examples compile and run (see Building The Examples) and should help give you a good start on using the SKC toolkit in your aplications. Please let us know if you you have ideas for more examples, and/or have examples that you would like to contribute.