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How do you interpret P6R's product version numbers?
Last Updated 4 years ago

P6R's version numbers have the form:

(year).(release).(build) (eg. "2016.1.12345")

  • (year) indicates the year in which the release occurred.
  • (release) A monotonically increasing number beginning at 1 for the first release of the year and incrementing by one for each consecutive release in that year.
  • (build) is a unique ID number which identifies the specific build which generated a given release.

A note about API compatibility across releases

Currently all P6R APIs use component interfaces, and as a result, new releases are typically backwards compatible. This means that major releases may add new interfaces with new/different functionality. However the previous interfaces will still be included and functional. Any change that causes backwards compatibility issues will be called out in the release notes for that given release.

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